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WILD Work: Career Opportunities

Retail Wizards and Birth Enthusiasts WANTED

We WILDLY want you - we want your authentic retail LOVE and savvy, your commitment to and compassion for women's health, birth, and families.

This is THE gig for birth professionals (doulas, nursing and midwifery students, etc) and those with retail love and experience looking for a move that counts - work that makes a difference. We get "hands on" in a hardworking local community biz and with our customers. 

Is this exciting? Are you curious? Drop us a line - we're WILD to meet you! 

Please send your resume and cover letter toinfo@wildwasmama.com.  Tell us about your interest in our brand and what we do.  How do you hope to serve WWM community?

WWM offers a caring, fun, and supportive work environment, advancement and growth opportunities, training in babywearing, and other birth-related fields. Passion is mandatory, energy a must!