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Wrapsody Woven Wraps

Wrapsody WrapDuo Water Wrap - Lagoon


Bright blue Lagoon makes quite a splash in this amazing water wrap. Perfect for splashing in the waves on those hot summer days and strolling about on dry land, too!

The Wrap(Du)O is one of a kind! Though it was originally designed for water use, it is similar in support and comfort to other stretch wraps on the market. The hypoallergenic stretchy fabric is fast-drying, comfortable and as light as your favorite swimsuit.

  • Tapered ends and narrow body make this carrier lightweight and cool.
  • Fabric blocks 97.5% - 98% of the sun's rays (UPF 45), reducing the need for sunscreen.
  • Just-right stretch makes it easy to wash between you and baby or pop baby in and out without adjusting the carrier.
  • Portable and packable -- folds down into a quart-sized sandwich baggie.
  • Soft finished edge is comfortable for your child's legs.
  • Hi-tech sports knit wicks moisture and sweat away from the skin.
  • Water use to 35 pounds; land use to 25 pounds.
  • Silky, slinky fabric even looks great for evening wear!
  • From fabric to labeling, this product is made in New England, USA.