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Wompat Toddler Carrier - Classic Rainbow Purple Diamond

This colorful rainbow carrier, made using a Vanamo Classic Rainbow print with a durable diamond weave is cut and sewn by hand in Finland from handwoven Guatemalan fabric and features sleek navy blue straps and waist belt. Adorable pixie-style hood follows the rainbow pattern and supports your little one's head while they rest.

Product Details

Wide, padded straps provide comfort and support, spreading the weight of your baby evenly. They easily adjust to fit any caregiver. Soft and squishy waist belt features padding up along the side, which makes for a deep and comfy seat for your little one, taking any pressure off their thighs.

All Wompat soft structured carriers come with a pixie-style hood to protect baby from the elements and allow baby's head to remain secure and protected while sleeping.

  • Cut and sewn by hand in Finland using handwoven fabric from Guatemala.
  • Outside: 55 % linen and 45 % GOTS certified organic cotton. Inside lining: 100% cotton
  • Spot clean, cold water wash on delicate cycle, air dry
  • Recommended for toddlers between 22 and 48 lbs.