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Functional Pelvis

The ABCs of Core and Pelvic Floor

You're invited to learn how you can maintain a healthy core and pelvic floor throughout your pregnancy (and beyond).

You will learn the ABCs (Awareness, Breath, and Coordination) of optimal core function. You'll also learn why doing a million kegels simply doesn't work. Topics include:

  • Why and how your pelvic floor is critical to a successful delivery and recovery
  • How to care for your pelvic floor during and after pregnancy
  • Demystify the kegel and “reverse” kegel
  • What birth positions may be best for you
  • Head-start of post-partum care

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - RESCHEDULED 

New date to be posted soon - Please check back or email sales@wildwasmama.com to be notified. Thank you! Sorry for theinconvenience. 

Pricing: $30.00