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SOS Sleep! Establishing Healthy Habits for Babies 0-12 Months

Price $35 for 90 minutes
SOS Sleep! Establishing Healthy Habits for Babies 0-12 Months

Offered by pediatric sleep consultant Hadley Seward, this workshop will help parents navigate the first year of their baby's sleep. Whether this is your first or your third baby, the first year is physically and emotionally exhausting. There is a lot of conflicting sleep advice out there and it's tough to know what is best for your little one. This workshop was created to help equip exhausted parents with a customized roadmap to achieve better sleep for the entire family.

Topics covered in this 90-minute workshop include: 

  • Setting an age-appropriate sleep schedule
  • Strategies to improve naps
  • Sleep training tips, including an overview of various methods 
  • Optimizing your baby's sleep environment for better sleep
  • Finding the right bedtime for your little one
  • How to reduce overnight feeds once you're ready
  • Q&A to help troubleshoot your specific problems
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About Hadley:  

Hadley Seward is the founder ofBonne Nuit Baby, a well-known sleep consultancy focused on helping children and their parents get more sleep. Hadley’s proven methods allow parents to stop living in survival mode and provide a roadmap for families to live their very best lives. Hadley's clients have called her “a magical sleep fairy” and said that her approach to sleep is "like a breath of fresh air." She is a contributor to popular parenting sites such as MotherlyWell Rounded and Mommy Shorts. Hadley lives in downtown Manhattan with her 10-month-old, 5-year-old and husband.