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Sloomb Sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fitted Fleece Diaper - Kirsche Pink

Sustainablebabyish overnight bamboo fitted diapers are super soft, beautiful and well-constructed. Made entirely of organic bamboo/cotton fleece with the soft jersey side out, this is a diaper that every parent wishes they could put on their baby's butt. Perfect for day time use & the answer for nighttime. Now with snap-in soakers, each fitted includes a 3-layer bamboo fleece doubler, perfect for heavy wetters.

  • X-Small diapers feature a snap-down in the front for healing belly buttons & both the Large and XL have an extra hip snap for sizing up.
  • These fitteds fit under the belly, so snap them tightly.

Wash your fitteds and doublers a few times before the first use, as the fabric is not pre-laundered. Add sustainablebabyish cloth diapers in with your regular laundry load. You can use them after one wash, however they will become more absorbent after a few washes. Please allow room for shrinkage when trying the diaper on your child, as they will shrink after washing - the measurements account for this.