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BirthFocus, LLC

Meet the Doulas with BirthFocus

Sunday August 6th  3:00 - 4:30 PM in Greenpoint
Price: FREE

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BirthFocus understands the process involved in choosing the right doula to join women and their families on a most intimate experience, the birth of a baby. At this free open house, pregnant women and their partners will learn more about doula practice and will connect with several doulas through one on one interviews. They lovingly refer to these events as "speed dating for doulas" as each expecting couple will have a chance to meet with 4-5 doulas of varying experience levels. 

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About Birth Focus

BIRTHFOCUS, LLC is a NYC-based doula practice serving women and their partners, in hospitals, birth centers, and home births. Founded in 2001, BirthFocus understands birth as a powerful adventure. They offer emotional companionship, guidance, and physical support to assist and empower a woman to have the birth of her choice. Their doulas have been trained through DONA International and offer a range of fees for services. BirthFocus believes strongly that every woman who wants a doula deserves one!

Future Dates

June 3rd, July 2nd, August 6th, and September 17th