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Make My Belly Fit

Make My Belly Fit BellyFit Coat Extender - Black

Wear your trusty winter coat throughout maternity and beyond with the black BellyFit jacket or coat extender. It's contoured, snaps and includes a "Snaparoo" elastic for a snug, adjustable fit. With a number of zipper adapters to choose from, the BellyFit can easily zip into any jacket or vest, keeping drafts out and keeping you super warm during pregnancy. Great for babywearing, too! 

Not sure if you need an adapter or which one to choose? Take this quiz then click here to purchase the one you need.

Cozy fleece Warmth Layer sold separately.

Product Details

  • 27" long, one-size fits most
  • Wind, rain, and snow resistant
  • Made in Canada

Zip Adapter Quiz