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Hygeia EnJoye LBI with Personal Accessory Set and Tote - Black

Designed for long-term and frequent pumping when battery pumping is required, the Hygeia EnJoye™ LBI is a hospital-grade performance, personal-use, double electric breast pump (with internal battery) for single or double pumping. Mimics your baby’s unique suckling patterns with customizable speed and pressure controls. All pump parts that come into contact with breast milk are BPA/DEHP free. Designed for use by multiple users when each user has Personal Accessory Set. Pump can be operated on internal battery for up to four hours per full charge.

  • Unique Hygeia CARE Button records your baby’s cry or other sounds for playback during pumping
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery (four hours of pump time when fully charged)
  • Independently Adjustable Speed & Suction Controls
  • Allows For Double & Single Pumping
  • Designed for use by multiple users (requires use of Personal Accessory Set by each user)
  • Pump weight is approximately 4 pounds
  • EnJoye Pump Motor Unit with Rechargeable, Internal Lithium Ion Battery
  • Power Supply
  • Tote Bag (choice of black or brown)
  • Mother’s Milk Storage Cooler Bag with Ice Pack
  • Zipper Tag
  • EnJoye Personal Accessory Set
  • Instructions for Use
No Pumps in Dumps™
Hygeia is committed to keeping pumps out of landfills. Our pumps have a one-year warranty, after the warranty period, send them back to us to be reused or recycled. Breast pumps don’t belong in landfills.