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Dapper Dog Training

Expectant Parents with Dogs

Wednesday, November 9th 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM in  Greenpoint
Price: $10 (information booklet included)

Class Details

Having a baby and a pooch at the same time can seem overwhelming, especially in a city environment, so Dapper Dog Training is coming to Wild Was Mama to help you prepare your dog. In our lectures, we will explain the process your dog goes through when you are expecting, and tell you what your dog needs to learn in order to accept their new lifestyle. We will explain the skills they need, how to know if your dog needs more training, and how to do it in your home. We will also help you understand the best way to introduce the new siblings!

Included with your ticket is an informational e-booklet designed to help take the training home. We highly recommend attending this event with your partner as the advice we give is important for all dog owners in the family!

The session will be 1.5 hours with a restroom break. No need to bring your ticket to the event, we will take attendance there. Please note that this event is for humans only."

About the Instructor

Jessica Jacobson is a professional Dog Trainer and Behaviorist in New York City. Her veterinarian-recommended company, Dapper Dog Training, has trained thousands of canine parents all over the city to solve their problems with dog aggression, shyness, puppy-hood, and introducing babies! Jessica is accredited by the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals, and the Companion Animal Science Institute. She lives in the West Village with her German Shepherd rescue, Minnie.


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