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Didymos Woven Wraps and Didytais

Didymos Woven Wrap - Indio Blackberry Wool

The classic Indio with an anthracite colored cotton warp and dragonfruit and raspberry colored wool for the weft creates a beautiful tri-colored pattern. The jacquard weave of this baby wrap, in a blend of organic cotton and virgin wool, is open and airy while providing great support and comfort for you and your baby. The Indio pattern is woven into the fabric, giving it a luminous quality that is multi-faceted and absolutely stunning. Wool will keep you warm even when the weather is wet. Moreover, wool blended fabrics dry much faster. This is why they are particularly recommended in cold and damp weather.  Learn More

Product Info and Sizing

Didymos is a brand we love and trust. Didymos baby carriers are strong, durable, and set a high standard of quality in the world of woven wraps.

  • Instructional DVD and printed babywearing directions included.
  • Sturdy, soft and lightweight woven fabric.
  • 60% Organic Cotton and 40% Wool fabric is never chemically processed, finished or treated.
  • Hand wash with detergent suitable for wool. Air dry only to protect the wool fibers. Wool felts easily if not treated with care!
  • Made in Germany using the highest ethical, social and environmental standards.

Wrap sizing is based on what carry you are doing and your size. We find most people fit well in a 4.2m or 4.6m length for a Front Wrap Cross Carry, a great beginner carry for all ages and sizes. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding sizing, we would love to help!

Front Wrap Cross Carry Tutorial