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Didymos Woven Wraps and Didytais

Didymos DidyTai - Robert

The Double Face Robert is a specially woven material that is completely reversible. With light, soft blue on one side and cool grey on the other, you can wear it either way.

The Didytai's unique base cinches to fit a young baby, and adjusts as she grows. It’s fast and user-friendly, like a buckle carrier, but snuggly like a wrap with great criss-cross back support. Attached hood provides head and neck support for a sleeping baby, shade from the sun, and privacy for nursing. With front, back and hip carries, this versatile baby carrier gives you lots of options. Wrap-style shoulder straps spread for extra comfort and better weight distribution.

  • Supports an anatomically correct spread-squat position
  • Adjustable base supports from birth to 18+ months
  • Front, back and hip carry options
  • Lightweight and durable woven fabric
  • Free from any toxic materials or dyes
  • Lightweight woven cross twill fabric made of 100% Pure Organic Cotton
  • Made in Germany
  • Machine wash cold, hang-dry or dry low
  • Carrier is sized-up to accommodate slight shrinkage that may occur with washing.

How To Use a Didytai Carrier