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BumGenius BabyLegs - William

BumGenius BabyLegs are leggings, leg warmers, and even arm warmers. These sky blue leg warmers have a cute argyle pattern. Protect baby's legs from the cold while in a carrier, from the sun when wearing a dress, or protect baby's knees while crawling. They are also the perfect solution for those parents who choose for their babies to go Diaper Free or in the midst of baby's "potty learning" stage. With one BabyLeg slid up each leg, parents can avoid the hassle of pulling pants on and off during the cooler months. Just hold baby over the potty when needed without concern with waistbands, zippers, snaps, or anything else to slow the process.

Possibly one of the most versatile baby and toddler staples, baby legs are a must for any parent. Easy to throw on, wash and dry-- these are an essential!

  • Soft blend of 80% cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% spandex
  • Stretches easily fit a child up to age 2
  • Protects baby's sensitive skin from the sun
  • Protects knees from carpet burn or the cold of tile or roughness of wood
  • Styles coordinate well with bumGenius All-In-One diapers