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Wild Was Mama

Building Your Birth Team

CANCELLED Thursday January 19th 6:00 - 7:00 PM in Park Slope
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Founded by two Mamas and Best Friends, Love & Transition is a Doula collective committed to matching families with doulas who match and support their lives and parenting philosophies.

Learn from founder Komi Pfeiffer the importance of doulas and how to choose your perfect birth-partner.

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  Love + Transition is a concierge style collective representing a variety of perspectives and personalities on our roster. Matching families with the best doula for their birth experience the look at compatibility on all levels.

Komi Pfeiffer, Fertility Coach, Co-founder of L+T hails from rural Wisconsin. Komi received her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Madison, WI. Relocating to NYC, Komi gained a Master's. After a stint at Hunter's Research Library, she founded an organic children's meal delivery company. Her difficulty in conceiving her son gave Komi an  intense desire to understand the biology of fertility and interest in creating the best birth possible for each family.


DOÑA trained doula Lynn Verlayne originally stems from Belgium. She moved to NYC at the age of 19 with just a couple of suitcases to pursue a career in music. After being signed to SONY Lynn went on to have charting and touring success in Europe and was on the covers of many magazine like Nina and ELLE. Shortly after she discovered a calling in helping and coaching other musicians in "birthing" their own beautiful music. Her global artist development studio, Lynn Verlayne Studio, quickly became the most in demand artist development company in the country. 

But life had more in store for Lynn…The birth of her son Leo Ray was truly a deeply personal and transformative journey. She went on a quest to learn as much as she could about childbirth and pregnancy including the post partum period. As a European woman, there was also the challenge of sifting through the complicated healthcare system in the United States. Leo Ray was ultimately born through a planned home birth, with the help of a fantastic doula. Her own experience, together with attending the births of two close friends at a nearby birthing center, is what sparked the passion for childbirth that led to Lynn becoming the doula she is today. She views pregnancy and birth as what can be a life altering and transcending experience and believes every woman deserves to be informed and supported throughout pregnancy and childbirth, so she can get the most out of her experience, no matter where the journey takes her. Her years of coaching singers and songwriters around the globe in birthing their beautiful music is what ignites her warm, holistic and spiritual approach to pregnancy and childbirth. Here is to our beautiful journey!