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Wild Was Mama

Holistic Parents Meetup: Living a Holistic Lifestyle

September 22nd and October 24th at 3 PM in Greenpoint 
Price: FREE!

Event Details

Connect with other holistically minded parents and wellness professionals to discuss holistic health, natural fertility, pregnancy, birth, and conscious child rearing.

This group is open to anyone, from those planning a family to seasoned parents!

Our group has the added bonus of being a Pathways Connect group, a nonprofit network of holistic practitioners and like minded parents with chapters all over the world. We have their Pathways to Family Wellness magazine as our fantastic resource on all things family wellness. All of you will receive a copy to support our discussions!

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Future Dates

Wednesday December 7th 6:00 - 7:00 PM

About the Instructor 

Dr Megan is a holistic chiropractor practicing in Williamsburg Brooklyn. She is passionate about caring for families through all ages and stages of life, and has received advanced specialized training in the care of infants, children,and pregnant women. She utilizes a natural approach to healthcare that strengthens the body's innately intelligent healing powers and supports our bodies to heal, grow, and thrive. She is the sponsor of our Pathways Connect group in hopes of empowering the community to lead happy & healthy lives. For more information, please visit her at http://drmeganhondrudc.com/.