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Wild Was Mama

Beat the Heat with Baby

Sunday, July 9th 12 noon - 1:30 PM in Greenpoint 
Price: $20/$25 family

Carry cool! A totally refreshing look at the sassy sweat and swelter of Summer in NYC. #sweatnomore  Soak in the sunniest options for you and that little Hot Potato - there is the magic of mesh, the low down on the lightest materials, get the goods on gauze, and the breeziest ways to wear a woven wrap. 

Don't forget:  sunscreen, sunhats, and lightweight outfit choices - for you and babe! Recreate unafraid.  Smile up at the blue sky - ain't no HEAT gonna BEAT your fam, you Wild Mama, you!

Meet the Host

Adriane Stare is a certified Babywearer, Wild Was Mama owner and mom of two who were both worn in the heat!