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Anna Naturals

Anna Naturals - Nursing Herbal Tea

The most popular way to consume fenugreek is by drinking it in a hot tea format. Unfortunately, many mothers have reported that fenugreek tea quite simply tastes bad. Luckily, Nursing Mama tea is the perfect blend of fenugreek seed, rooibos (a caffeine free tea) and fruit to create a fenugreek tea that is not only beneficial for breastfeeding mamas, but also tastes and smells great.

Fenugreek works because it stimulates sweat glands, and the milk ducts actually operate and function the same as sweat glands - thus fenugreek helps increase milk production. Most women will experience results within 24-72 hours of starting to drink Nursing Mama fenugreek tea. So don't give up, brave mama. Nursing Mama tea will provide you with a delicious way to increase your milk supply!

Sweet and fruity, a hint of tropical juice, with a more traditional "tea" flavor.

Ingredients: Organic whole fenugreek seed, organic rooibos, pineapple, apple, rosehips, lemon peel, hibiscus, cranberry, cherry extract, strawberry extract, orange extract.