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Pumpin Pal

Pumpin Pal Super Shields

The Pumpin' Pal Super Shields insert inside the flanges that come with your breast pump. The downward-facing angle lets you lean back when pumping, which can help you relax and may promote better milk flow. The Super Shields have a slightly wider shape than traditional flanges which more closely mimics your baby’s natural latch. They may reduce breast and nipple irritation, should you experience this with regular flanges.

The sizing of the Super Shields does not necessarily correspond to traditional flanges. Breast size and shape can change from feed-to-feed, and also between breasts, so you may find that more than one size of super shield works for you at different times. Pumpin' Pal Super Shields are BPA-free and made from medical grade polypropylene. Clean with warm, soapy water, boil or steam sterilize.

If you are experiencing any discomfort with your pump or with pumping, we strongly recommend contacting a Lactation Counselor or an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) in your area. Your local La Leche League will have these resources and contacts for you. We are always happy to support you in any way that we can, and you may always contact us with any questions.

Please Note: Super Shields work with Ameda, Medela, Bailey, Lansinoh, Rumble Tuff, Avent Isis, and 25mm Maymom one piece breast pumps. For Ameda™ users, all sizes of Super Shields (Medium, Large & XLarge) fit Ameda Standard (25.0mm). Unfortunately, they do not fit the First Years miPump, Spectra, or Avent Comfort Pump.


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