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Baby in Tune

Baby in Tune

Wednesdays Apr 11th - Jun 13th in Greenpoint
Free Trial: Apr 11th
10:00am - 10:45am Little Babies (0 - 7 months)
11:00am - 11:45am Bigger Babies (8 - 24 months)
WWM Discounted Price: $330 for 10 sessions.
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Class Details

Baby in Tune will help you feel more confident, joyful, and relaxed in your parenting.  In this class you will develop your own repertoire with your baby, and learn how to use music to establish routine, soothe, play, and do "baby therapy”.  It is also a place for you to bond with and feel supported by other group members, and to become more in touch with your own experience, emotions, and inner music. The classes use tools from music therapy and are grounded in psychology and attachment theory.

From Vered Ronan, Baby in Tune Founder: Baby in Tune classes are unlike any other baby classes. Not only will you learn musical tools to use with your baby, you will gain a deeper understanding of your baby's emotional world and will come out feeling like a better and more confident parent.

Red Tricycle says: “After each class, you are left with a greater appreciation of the power of music, armed with a few more tricks on how to be an awesome parent.”

Little Babies (0 - 7 months)

Bond with your baby and with other parents. Learn how to use music to establish routine, soothe, and communicate with your baby. We will sing songs that keep your baby stretching, swaying and smiling.

Bigger Babies (8 - 24 months)

Learn how to establish routine, soothe and mirror our babies through music. We introduce them to rhythm, play with age-appropriate games such as peekaboo and write a song together. Baby drum circle, harmonicas, balls, jumping, dancing, and vocal improvisations. We learn how to use music to encourage language, give and take, and movement.

Meet Baby in Tune Instructor, Kristy Waldron

Kristy Baby in Tune Instructor

Kristy Waldron is a licensed music therapist. She currently works in the Pediatric Emergency Dept. at Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital and is a music therapist at a special needs preschool in Queens. It was during her graduate internship at NYU, working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, that first sparked her passion for therapeutic family-centered care.

Meet Baby in Tune Founder, Vered Ronan

Meet Vered Bio

Vered is a musician, music therapist and psychotherapist. Her albums Good Morning My Love and Hello My Baby both received the prestigious GOLD awards from the Parents Choice Association and the National Parenting Publications. Her classes draw on her graduate degrees in both Music Therapy and Clinical Psychology. In 2016, Vered was invited to present at Zero to Three, a conference attended by the leading practitioners treating babies ages 0-3. Vered also does staff trainings (Sanctuary for Families, Central Library in San Francisco) and lectures for parents. She is a mom of 3 and lives in Brooklyn.


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