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Birdsong Brooklyn

Survive To Thrive hosted by Birdsong


Everything you’re dying to know (but are too afraid to ask) about the shifts you, your partner and family will undergo as you welcome a new baby into your home. Taught by Erica Livingston of Birdsong Brooklyn, a seasoned postpartum and birth doula who will take you and your partner on a hilarious and need-to-know info journey prepping for the 4th trimester. This two hour workshop is geared toward families in their 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy as you begin to chart the threshold between pregnancy and parenthood. New parents with babes in arms welcome too. 

Topics covered in this workshop:

Body After Baby

Everything you need to know about healing from birth (vaginal and cesarean), abdominal strength including belly binding, postnatal nutrition (including breastfeeding nutrition), and how to get quality rest. You will get tips, tricks and recipes you can even start preparing now.

Are We Crazy?!

The short answer is, no! Understand how the shift from pregnancy to postpartum affects you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Looking through the lenses of both western biology/hormones and wisdom traditions cultivate an awareness about what to expect including tips and tricks to boost mood and happy hormones. We will also touch on the range of normal and how to identify Postpartum Mood Disorders.

Sexy Baby Time

Let’s talk about sex baby! And not just sex- but intimacy, bonding, and getting your personal and collective groove back as parents. You don’t want to miss this one!

Making Your After (Birth) Plan

You have heard of a birth plan right? Well after that tiny human emerges- a lot of stuff happens. Makes sense to plan for it right? Now that you have a grounded understanding in what to expect postpartum, let’s work together to maximize the support you have on hand and come up with a practical plan to sail through this rite of passage. Each family will leave with a postpartum plan including: Meal Planning, Circles of Support, Local Resources and Ways to Stay Connected.

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