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Wild Was Mama

Mamacore: Core Restore & Fitness For Mamas

 Winter Session:

- Tuesdays, Starting 1/8 @ 7:30 pm

- Wednesdays, Starting 1/9 @ 9:15 am

     *no classes 2/19 or 2/20 *

Join Irene Donahue for an educational and movement based course that will put you on the path to healing your postnatal core, safely return to more intense exercise post childbirth and prepare you for the athleticism of motherhood. Feel stronger, more connected to your core and confident - no matter how long ago you gave birth.  

Learn about healthy core function and how it applies to movement.

Learn how your posture, breathing mechanics, and movement habits can be transformed to promote healing and improve your function and performance; whether it's running after your kids, at the gym or during your favorite athletic pursuits and movement practice. 

Learn How to prevent, heal and manage incontinence (those troublesome leaks), diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse and other common types of core/pelvic floor dysfunction post childbirth based on the latest research.

This 8 week course will meet for 8 consecutive weeks. It will include weekly session notes and a home program you can follow with videos and tutorials. A carry bag with self-myofascial release balls, resistance bands and a pilates ball are included in the price. Email and text support will be available. This class is appropriate for new moms cleared for exercise by their health care providers and beyond. Pre-crawling babies welcome.

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