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Back to School - Wild Style!

by Tracy Michele B. September 09, 2016

Back to School - Wild Style!

"Back-to-School" The phrase sparks feelings of excitement, anxiety, anticipation, relief, and panic!!  (All TOTALLY valid BTW!)

In the most general sense however, the chime of midnight on Labor Day signals it's time for us to get back to business.

Is that 'Back to Work'?  "Back Home" from Summer travel and adventures? Or is the phrasing literal, and it is 'Back to School' for the wee scholars in your life?

Maybe it is not 'Back' at all?  Maybe this Autumn you start anew?

Do you find yourself drying eyes taking that Toddler or Babe to school or day-care for the first time? Are you looking to sign up for classes with kiddo and/or your partner?  Preparing for a baby-to-be?  Meeting new friends? New playmates? Community?

The heck with "business"! 'Back to School' is back to LIFE - old life, new life - YOUR LIFE. 

Through all the fresh and old starts, falling leaves, and chillier temps,  WWM can make things a little easier - and fun - for you and your family.  

Please, enjoy the following collection of treasures and tools. 

Happy September!! 

Back to SCHOOL for Kiddo and YOU!

Todder Carrier

Back-to-School Essentials

Make all your days SCHOOL days!

Rocking Chair Singalong

September Class Calendar

Back to SCHOOL = Back to WORK

Boob Design Once On Never Off

Shop Working Mama Must-Haves

SCHOOL Shopping Saver!

Summer Sale This Way

Shop Sale

Tracy Michele B.
Tracy Michele B.

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