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Staff Picks: Apothecary

by Adriane Stare January 15, 2016

Staff Picks: Apothecary

While being interviewed to work for Wild Was Mama, I was given a tour of the store in Greenpoint. We started in the front and made our way to the back, stopping at the apothecary section. I stood there admiring the homeopathic cold and flu medicine, the jars of coconut oil, the salves, the balms, and the sprays. "I’m a sucker for this stuff," I said, massaging my cuticles with the sample of Badger Night-Night Balm.

Not long after, I discovered that the rest of the staff is also “a sucker for this stuff!” Here are some of our favs:

jess with her green salve Jess, Assistant Store Manager:

I love Motherlove Green Salve because I got bit by a mosquito on my way into the store, smeared some on immediately, and the bug bite disappeared. I love it because I no longer have to worry when my kids end up with a mystery rash. I just apply Green Salve to the bumpy area (even hives!), and it clears up. It has effectively taken the place of hydrocortisone in my medicine chest. No more itch!

megan holds her nipple butter Megan, General Manager:

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter is what I use in place of pricey night cream. I plaster my face with it, and in the winter I put it on my dry patches in day time too! I have super sensitive and dry skin and this is the only thing I've found that works. Of course it's awesome for dry, cracked nipples as well. It heals and relieves and you don't have to wash it off prior to feeding! Oh - and it's organic and vegan and amazing!

Emily poses with coconut oilEmily, Retail Specialist:

Dr. Bronner's Certified Fair Trade Virgin Coconut Oil! Where to even begin?! I use this on ev-er-y-thing. It basically has become the staple of my entire home apothecary, food pantry, hair care, and makeup bag. I’m not kidding- what CAN’T you make better with coconut oil! Nothing I tell you! It saves the day in every situation. 

Julie holds booty balmJulie Bruci, Events Coordinator:

Toosh Booty Balm! I love this stuff! I've tried and used many butt creams with two diapered kiddos, and this one clears up red, inflamed skin like no other! It goes on silky smooth (unlike most zinc-based creams) and smells like a dream. It's organic and made in the US by a mom. Added bonus: the lack of zinc and petroleum make this cream both cloth diaper and baby friendly.

Malika with her daughter Malika, Retail Specialist:

I found that Wellements Gripe Water was super handy for me during a specific phase in [my daughter’s] babyhood- when the very process of digestion/gas was so new and therefore painful. New parents come in looking for it so in my opinion, it's a sought after item.

tracy michele holds NawgumTracy Michele, General Manager:

I get so much great feedback from families who try the  Nawgum All-In-One Teething Toy. It really helps with those pesky back teeth, and folks LOVE that they don't have to worry about it as a chocking hazard. Once a Mama grabbed me on my way to the subway and said "This is the only thing that gets my kiddo to release my keys!” If it replaces chewing on keys, it MUST be pretty great!


kate wear amber necklace Kate Maley, Visual Merchandising Lead:

The Amber Monkey Amber Teething Necklaces are really awesome because baltic amber  contains succinic acid which acts as a natural analgesic (a.k.a. easy pain relief - just wear it!) which can help with kiddos who are teething and grownups who have bad shoulders like I do.

Amanda holds Badger Headache Soother Balm Amanda, Warehouse Supervisor:

I love the Badger Headache Soother Stick because it smells great, and when I use it in conjunction with traditional headache remedies, I can use much less of that headache remedy and get a lot more relief - which is helpful for someone with a weak stomach.

What's your favorite item from our apothecary section? Got any interesting, unorthodox uses for it? Write a review on our site and share the love!

Adriane Stare
Adriane Stare

Adriane Stare is the owner and founder of Wild Was Mama. She is a BI Certified Babywearing Educator and the proud mother to two (adorable) little boys.

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