We here at Wild Was Mama love us some Boob Design! They make high quality, eco friendly maternity and nursing wear that fits perfectly and lasts through multiple kiddos. It's no surprise that they nailed it with this season's awesome piece of cozy activewear, the Ready Flex Fleece. The static photos of this beauty don't really do it justice, so we've made a little video for you to see just how well thought out and good looking this bad mama really is.


The Boob Design Panel

The Ready Flex Fleece features the classic Boob Design nursing panel for easy, convenient nursing. If you plan on nursing outdoors, the fleece will help keep your "ladies" extra warm and toasty.


Side Zippers

Side zippers quickly unzip and allow the stretchy fleece to expand to fit your growing belly. When your babe is born, it zips right back into it's regular shape, i.e. no stretching it out!


Pockets + Extra Bottom Length

We really dig the two, roomy pockets in the back that will easily and safely store your phones, wallets, pacifiers, etc. And the bonus length ensures your bum won't get wet or cold if you need to take a seat while outside.


Cuff Warmers

The cuff warmers at the wrists are a total plus! 



Each Ready Flex Fleece hoodie is created using twelve 1.5 liter plastic bottles. How is this possible? The plastic is cut into tiny pieces, melted, and pressed through heated piping, which spins it into thread. The fleece is Oeko-Tex™ Standard 100 certified, which is the highest quality assurance standard available.

Jodi Silberstein
Jodi Silberstein


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