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November 06, 2015

Wild Was Mama is overjoyed to announce our first ever exclusive wraps with the one and only Kokoro Textiles! As far as wraps go Kokoro, a Netherlands-based wrap brand producing beautifully designed woven wraps, has a fanatical following. Their carriers sell out the instant they’re made available online to customers worldwide. We’re honored to be partnering with Kokoro to bring you two brand new styles: Kairos Wild and Mini Ren Cloud. To see these wraps in person, sign up for our trunk show here.

Kokoro and Wild Was Mama Exclusive Wrap

Kairos Wild

100% Organic cotton with a wild green/teal on ecru, Kairos Wild has a touch of stretch, squish, and easy to wrap with for all who wear it. It adds a pop of cool color to your outfit, regardless of season.

Mini Ren Cloud

This 50/50 linen/cotton blend is made with 100% organic cotton that breaks in easily and soft, naturally dyed linen. Natural dyes give the fabric a texturized appearance, and the sturdiness of the linen adds some heft for those wanting to comfortably wear heavier kiddos and toddlers.



A Shared Affinity for Babywearing and Adventure

Before Camp Kokoro - a bustling online community for those who love, collect, and wear Kokoro woven wraps - there was Rose and Kaori, the Kokoro founders. Rose gained a following modeling and promoting wraps through her Facebook page, Carry Them. This caught the attention of Kaori who approached Rose in 2014. After discovering their shared dream of a life full of passion, adventure, and creativity they decided to go into business together and the rest is history.

August 2014, Rose wearing the popular Kokoro Koneko wrap.

Rose and Kaori design the wraps to have a modern, simplistic style with bold, geometric graphics, including the iconic print Koneko, which Kokoscouts, devoted Kokoro fans, have taken to calling "Kitties". All wraps are made with 100% all-natural fibers including organic cotton, cool-to-the-touch Ice cotton, shimmery Sea Island cotton, Japanese Tsumugi silk, and naturally-dyed linen.


In line with our own philosophy at Wild Was Mama, Rose says: "We believe babywearing isn't just a journey, it is an adventure. We do not look toward an end, but simply live in the moment, the now - as our children do, the ones we carry. Babywearing creates a landscape of possibilities; we at Kokoro celebrate it with every woven wrap we make."

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