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West of the 4th Weaving Visits Brooklyn!

June 12, 2015

We were lucky to spend the day with Nancy and Corwyn Warwaruk from West of the 4th Weaving based in Erskine, Alberta. We got the inside scoop on the care and attention that goes into their hand woven wraps and ring slings, and the story behind their family business.

Group Selfie: Corwyn (left), Nancy (top), Adriane (bottom), Greg (right) Nancy: My mother and I were looking to move somewhere in the country where we could live a sustainable lifestyle, and I was also looking to buy a dairy goat to make my own milk.

A friend of mine found Corwyn, who was a banker at the time, but was looking to transition careers and lived on a small acerage where he was learning to make cheese from goat milk. He was selling a herd of goats, and had another interested buyer, so we got in the car and drove straight there! It turns out he sold me the most craziest goat in herd! We ended up talking for hours talking in his driveway. Long phone calls then turned into dates, and we were married within the year. I was invited back, but the psychotic goat was not!

Nancy's passion for weaving, design and color work took a serendipitous turn into making baby carriers.

We were making a trip into a larger city to get our car serviced, and we wandered into a baby store and saw a woven wrap for the first time ever. Because we live on a farm and have a very active lifestyle, we knew right away that babywearing would fit right into our lives. I went home and started experimenting with weaving wraps. The company grew out of my passion for design and color work, and our belief in babywearing as an incredible resource for parents.

When we first started selling our woven carriers, babywearing wasn’t a huge trend in our area, but we feel our work has had a great ripple effect on our community. We met a babywearing educator at a summer market, and combined with her passion for education and greater access to carriers, babywearing is now widely accepted in our area. It has sparked a resurgent interest in weaving, as well.

Nancy and Corwyn have a deep commitment to sourcing local materials for their business, and in their own lives.



Corwyn: We’re committed to sourcing the materials we use as close to home as possible. All of our cotton is grown in the U.S. and spun and dyed in Canada. Our labels are printed in Pennsylvania by small family run mill on American made twill tape. Our merino  wool is raised and spun in the U.S., and we’re introducing a new fiber into our products made from American flax and Canadian wood pulp. 

One of the few materials we do source from afar is recycled cotton made in Spain and Turkey. The reason for this is that because virtually the entire textile industry has left North America, there isn’t a textile recycling industry here either. Recycled cotton comes from textile mill waste and threadbare clothing that is then mixed together and re-spun into new fiber.

Nancy: At home, we live on a farm where we raise our own animals for meat, and grow vegetables seasonally. We’ll start making goat milk again after baby comes in the Fall!



See these beautiful wraps and ring slings here.

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