Now You Can Register On-Line, Yay!

At Caribou Baby, we provide products and education that empower you to forge your own path. Now, we’ve made that path a little smoother by launching our gift registry!

Not only can you set up a registry from the comfort of your bed and easily share it with friends and family. You’ll even get notified when someone makes a purchase. Fun!

You’ll have access to a huge variety of woven wraps, ring slings, buckle carriers, maternity and nursing wear, cloth diapers, eco-friendly toys and clothing for the little one(s).

And we still love to see you in person, so do not hesitate to visit us in store and get a personalized walk-through of our curated selection of products. We'll help you navigate the new parenting wilderness with simplicity and style.

Adriane Stare
Adriane Stare


Adriane Stare is the owner and founder of Wild Was Mama. She is a BI Certified Babywearing Educator and the proud mother to two (adorable) little boys.

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