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Why We Love Boob Design

February 12, 2015

We love Boob Design's stylish take on nursing wear. Their practical line empowers women with simple, one-handed nursing access and tops that work for both pregnancy and nursing. We’ve been carrying Boob Design since we opened our doors, and they're now celebrating their 15 year anniversary of providing innovative, practical and sustainable options for the nursing mom. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Erika Mattsson, our Boob Design rep, when she visited us all the way from Stockholm, Sweden! 

What do you love most about Boob?

I love it in so many ways. Boob is such a warm and welcoming company. We really value that feeling and try to bring it into everything that we do, whether it’s customer service, the products we make or caring about the environment. It all surrounds caring for mothers, children and the future.

We love the fabric used in Boob’s clothing. Can you tell us more about the manufacturing process and the materials you use?

We’re committed to keeping all of our production in Europe. Our product manager visits the facilities and has been able to see first hand that the people working there are well taken care of, and the factories are a good working environment. Our clothing is primarily made from organic cotton, lyocell (made from a fast-growing eucalyptus and grown in sustainably managed forests), recycled polyamide and fleece made from recycled PET bottles.

What does the Oeko-Tex/Confidence In Textiles Certification mean?

Oeko-Tex is a certification that means the garment you’re purchasing is free from substances known to be harmful to health that may have been used during the manufacturing process. As a nursing mother, you can feel safe wearing a garment that’s Oeko-Tex certified while having your baby right against your clothes. All of Boob Design’s clothing is Oeko-Tex certified.

Tell us more about your journey working for Boob.

I’ve been working for Boob since 2010. From the very beginning I knew that it would be a great company to work for, with such great people and really interesting work. I mainly work with our retailers, which means I get to travel a lot to show the new collections in person, meet the people and see the stores where our clothes are sold. It’s a much more personal way of doing business!

What's your favorite thing about coming to the US when you're showing new lines?

My favorite thing about visiting the US is all the lovely people I meet that work really hard for their businesses, and have this passion for breastfeeding and helping mothers. I always leave feeling very happy, energetic and inspired.

Erika with Caribou owner Adriane Stare and Megan and Amanda of our Stock and Inventory team.

Congratulations on your 15 year anniversary! What is some of the history behind Boob Design?

Mia Seipel started the brand in the winter of 1999, when she was sitting in a park with her sister, who was nursing her second son. It was really cold, and she had to pull up her top to breastfeed. That’s when the idea for Boob Design was born! Mia is very involved in the company as CEO and Creative Director. We’re really proud of all her hard work to make Boob Design what it is today. It started locally in Stockholm and now Boob Design is sold in 20 international markets.

What’s new and exciting on the horizon?

To celebrate our anniversary, we’re releasing a Limited Edition B-Warmer Dotted Hoodie. This spring, Boob's first Sports Bra will be available. Before manufacturing, we tested the sports bra for a year on pregnant and nursing moms, and even some non-nursing women in our office. We wanted to make a nursing sports bra that was just as supportive and fits as well as any other sports bra. We’re excited to continue creating more active wear for pregnant and nursing women!

See how Boob Design's easy nursing panel works:


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