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Instagram Favorites of 2014

December 31, 2014

Instagram has helped us connect with you this year! We love seeing what you're up to in the wild. Thank you for sharing your new life, new journeys, and new stories. See you in 2015!

The most exquisite places on earth are rarely stroller accessible.

Toasty in the city. M Coat

We are ready for cold weather)))

A photo posted by Vera (@verarbatskaya) on

Nothing beats home cookin'!

Shopping at Caribou Baby in Brooklyn. Got to get Luna in the kitchen early to make poppa some dinner!

A photo posted by D.E. (@__iwashere__) on


Mr. Butch doing what he does best: charming the pants off babies (and grown-ups)!

Another great time at @cariboubaby. Thanks for sittin' in Greg. And for the pic! #mrbutchmusic #cariboubaby

A photo posted by Mr. Butch (@mrbutchmusic) on

"...where it all started." DidyTai Jack

This is where it all started just about a year ago. #WrappedAroundHerFinger

A photo posted by Danny (@dannythebabywearingdad) on


Found this gem of sweetness on our new favorite website, Pregnant Chicken. Doesn't it just make your heart light up?

A photo posted by Caribou Baby (@cariboubaby) on


My baby backpack is perfect for a quick shopping trip. #KaydenMasai #onya #normalizebreastfeeding

A photo posted by Kai-Michelle Blackman (@itsthekai) on

Toddler nursing in the wild.

#everyweekisbreastfeedingweek #cariboubaby #worldbreastfeedingweek

A photo posted by Caribou Baby (@cariboubaby) on

Oh, no he didn't...

Little Loren listening to the earth move.


A photo posted by Greg Stare (@gstare) on

Communing with nature.

Afternoon hike with the dudes

A photo posted by tracyleesnow (@tracyleesnow) on

"...it helps me feel capable."

A beautiful story.

My mom left my brother and me at a very young age… I am #ThankfulForBabywearing because it allows me to be the mother that I always longed for. Baby wearing allows me to keep my baby close to my heart where we can learn about each other, teach each other and fall in love with each other. I can kiss her, laugh with her, dance with her, rock with her any time we need. When I wear my baby, I am showing her life from another point of view… Giving her the opportunity to explore this big world while keeping her safe and secure. I am creating a bond that I missed out on with my own mother… I am fostering an affectionate healthy attachment with my daughter because I want her to know that she matters… I am thankful for baby wearing because I am so lucky to be this little girl’s mama! #cariboubaby

A photo posted by MeesMairyn (@meesmairyn) on

Tandem wearing! Strength in numbers : )

Climbing mountains...

Havin' fun with Didymos.

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