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My Favorite Week: International Babywearing Week (Oct 5 - 11)

October 04, 2014

It seems there's aSpecial Week for everything these days. There are causes and movements that deserve much more than a measly week of attention, like International Breastfeeding Week, Nurse's Week, Women's Week, and Literacy Week. But Babywearing Week? It generally gets tossed in with the likes of International Fun at Work Week, Pet Peeve Week, Read a Road Map Week, and Karaoke Week. To those who care deeply about these industries, professions and hobbies, they no doubt mean something deeply to them. Similarly, Babywearing Week is mine. This is the week my closest friends and colleagues come together to get geeky about babywearing. This is the week I get to turn up the volume on the thing I've devoted my life to. Like all the others who care deeply about their special weeks, this little slice of the year is when our little niche gets its time in the spotlight!

To celebrate we'll launch a new babywearing video each day on Facebook, and pairing it with a carrier giveaway! Yes, that's 7 free carriers in 7 days, People! Raffles will be posted each day at 12am EDT starting Sunday October 5th. See the contest details here.

You also won't want to miss these awesome babywearing happenings: On Saturday October 11th, following Babywearing for Newborns, we will be hosting our third annual winter babywearing class, Combating the Cold With Baby. And check out our local Babywearing International Group who will be throwing a Babywearing Week Bash in Central Park with raffles, prizes and live music!

Beyond the colorful slings and artfully tied wraps cycling through the Instagram feeds of millions of moms-turned-#babywearers who now #wearallthebabies, you will see the same thing on all their faces every time: LOVE. Real, true, authentic love. A happy mom cuddles her newborn in a ring sling. A dad beams the first time he puts his daughter on his back in a mei tai. A grandpa gives an awkward thumbs up after his daughter ties his grandson to his chest in a woven wrap.  All of these things are what babywearing is, which is so much more than the actual carriers themselves.

There is so much to learn and check out in the babywearing world. We hope you'll share your photos and stories with us as much as possible next week (#cariboubaby) so that we can all remember why we wear and love our babies!

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