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When I quit my software job to help Adriane open this store, I was scared. Was I committing myself to a life of screaming babies, ornery toddlers and stressed-out new parents?! Well, nothing could be further from the truth. When I think of the store three and a half years later, I think of the new parent walking away proudly with a baby securely wrapped on his or her body. I think of the dad with a shopping list, jumping out of a cab on his way home from the hospital getting those first essential items. (cue the violins) I think of the incredible people working for us who help everyone that walks in the door without judgement and with a smile and a helping hand.

Ok, now somebody stop me before I drown in mush! The real reason I'm writing this is to say, we've launched product reviews on our site....WOO HOO! Are you one of those parents I mentioned? Maybe you live far away and have purchased something on our website. Whoever you are, if you've been pleased, or not so pleased with something you purchased with us, could you take some time to write a review? Just scroll down to the bottom of any product page and fire away.

As many of you know, our space is a place for people to share with each other, swap stories, and connect. I think it would truly help other new parents or their gift givers if you could share your insights about the products you've used. We can't replicate the in-store experience online, but we can try :)

Thank you all for your support and love!

Greg Stare
Greg Stare


Greg has a background in technology and music and is married to Adriane Stare, the founder of Caribou Baby. When he's not spending time with his two boys, Greg manages the techie stuff at the store and leads a weekly sing-along called Rocking Chair Music.

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